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The Gods - articles by our friend Jordsvin on his site

Rune of the Month- Jordsvin's in depth Rune articles



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About Us

Our Traditional Work

Are we Asatru? We do not use that term. We are Heathens practicing our simple household tradition. We have no titles, and recognize none. We do not seek to organize our tradition. While we are willing to share our knowledge via our books, we have no desire to take personal students.

Titles mean nothing. You are as good at this as you are. A title or the lack there of neither elevates nor diminishes your progress. We do not recognize the tenets, theology, doctrines, grades or titles of any system other than our own. We answer to no one.

When you have grown past the need for titles and affiliations and names, then you have a chance at something great. If you cling to your titles and grades and affiliations, you become nothing more than a functionary. It is much better to live your life on your account than to desire the recognition of others.

As some readers know, we are not exclusive. We are open to Heathenism and to other forms of Paganism. Our feeling is that the different traditions each have their own merit. We have practiced various systems in our own journey. We write so that people of various paths can understand. It is important to realize that we are all linked to the ancient European traditions. As such, we have much in common.

A few direct their antagonism at other traditions. That only serves to alienate people who might otherwise be friends. It is our experience that people go to the path that suits them. Why should there be strife, when the goal is for the individual to find his way?

The study of Heathenism and magick has its merits. Exercises, practices and rituals have their place. However, the truest expression and genuine work is what you do when you are about in the world. The greatest work is in how you live.


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