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Around the Magick

Between the time we wrote The Road to Bifrost in 1990 and the compiling of the first Series of Bifrost Monographs in late 1991, we compiled the following essays. These were intended to be brief lessons intended to explain something of mainstream magick and the New Age. There had been speculation that they would be presented to the general public as an introduction to magick, occultism and esoteric study - hence their unusually eclectic tone.  Though aimed at a general audience, these articles have stood the text of time.  They provide useful knowledge on various magickal traditions, pra tical applications of magick, New Thought metaphysics and the wondrous knowledge that is hidden in myths.  Around the Magick makes for pleasant reading for both the newcoemr and the experiences esotericist.

Here are a few of the topics covered in this amazing book!

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Around the Myths

A hard-hitting look at myth, belief, religion and society, Around the Myths is written to challenge commonly-accepted ideas and popular notions.  It looks its subjects square in the eye.  It pulls no punches, nor does it couch its premises in soft language.  This is a survey of myth, legend and religion for the strong of heart!  Wriotten from a Heathen perspective, Around the Mtyhs challenges the reader to take another look at things often taken for granted.  Blunt and brutally honest, the book is a refreshing break from the politcally- correct and the self-promoting tripe that is common today.  Read it only if you can handle it!

Here is a partial list of things tackled by Around the Myths:

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Around the Myths Again

With all the impact of a B52, popular myth and legend is lambasted in Aroudn the Myths Again.  The authors continue their look into myth, religion, common fables and urban legend.  They explode many a mistaken concept while exposing the hard reality behind the things our society believes.  It starts with a gut-wrenching expose' of conventional religion, and proceeds to hammer at old myths, new legends and worn-out dogma.  As with the previous volume, this is ferocious stuff intencded for the strong reader. A definite breath of fresh air for those who prefer hearing the not-so-pretty truth to the nice lie.

Here are a few subjects which this volume assails:

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Loki for You

Getting to know the God of Mischief

Includes The Runes According to Loki

Loki has been an enigma for Heathens and other Pagans. Is he a good God or is the the Betrayer of Gods? Does he help or harm mankind? Just who is Loki and how does he fit into today's world? In Loki for You, these questions are finally answered.

Loki for You looks for the enigmatic God of Mischief through his place in the modern world. We go past the myths and legends to the places where Loki abides today. The reader is treated to an enjoyable set of articles and stories. It is informative, thought-provoking and fun! Rather than a dry academic scraping of the bottom of the barrel, Loki for You is as much fun to read as it is informative.

The articles are supplemented by an extensive look at the Runes according to Loki. You never thought the Runes could be this crazy! When Loki goes Runic, anything can happen!

Get to know the God who has mystified scholars for centuries. Now you can get keen insight into one of the most powerful Gods of the Norse tradition. It is all in this book!

Here are some of the chapters in this amazing book:

Loki the Fault Finder

Loki the Shape Shifter

Loki versus the Devil

Loki the Spy

Foe of Fools

Loki's Dark Side

Loki the Jester

And an in-depth look at Loki and the Runes!

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