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The Publications by Thor and Audrey Sheil

Hedenskap: The Heathen Folk Religion of Ancient Scandinavia

Here are beliefs of the average Heathen, including concepts of magick, cosmology, Divine forces, non-human beings, the Runes and more. This delightful little book brings you the Old Ways in clear, concise format.  It discusses the role of Gods and Goddesses as well as various land spirits and other beings.  There are explanations of ancient household worship and magick.  Included are various spells and charms as well as simple devotions.  By itself, Hedenskap: The Heathen Folk Religion of Ancient Scandinavia is a complete system of belief that can be learned quickly and easily. 

Here are some of the things you will learn from this book

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Old Norse Magickal Universe: Cosmology and Polarity

The inner aspects of Myth and Mind come to life in this fine little text.  It explains the relationship of mythic themes to the greater Universe and the Mind / Soul of Mankind.  The Norse Cosmology is seen as it related to the Human Subconscious, instinct and the inspired faculties of the Mind,.  This is a truly one-of-a-kind book written by a master metaphysician. It is all explained clearly in plain English, too.



Here are some of the things covered in Old Norse Magickal Universe: Cosmology and Polarity:

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Old Norse Ritual for Magick and Worship

Here is a book for those interested in the use of ritual.  Drawing from his vast background in magick and metaphysics, the author presents simple, effective rituals.  These are easy to learn and easy to use.  The book explains the reason for ritual and its relationship to the human Mind.  A brilliant work that makes it possible for readers to devise their own simple, effective rites for all occasions


Here are some of the topics covered in this book:

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Old Norse Mysteries, Deities and Worship

Don't let its size fool you.  This little book is packed with valuable information on the Gods, the Mysteries and inner principles. It explains such things as causation, the nature of Divinity, the human connection with the Gods and so much more.  You get a real feel for the Norse Mysteries.  Concise and potent, the information in Old Norse Mysteries, Deities and Worship can set you well on the way.


Here are some of the things you will learn:  

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The Twisting Trail to Bifrost's Way

One of our best works, this wonderful text brings home the Gods, Mysteries and their impact on our everyday lives.  The Twisting Trail to Bifrost's Way helps unravel the mysteries behind the Myths.  It is like a clearly-marked trail for the reader.  Each chapter covers an important aspect of life with the Aesir and Vanir.  This is a larger text with plenty to read.  It is printed in large format (8.5" by 11"). 



Here are the lessons awaiting you when you read The Twisting Trail to Bifrost's Way:

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Loki for You

Getting to know the God of Mischief

Includes The Runes According to Loki

Loki has been an enigma for Heathens and other Pagans. Is he a good God or is the the Betrayer of Gods? Does he help or harm mankind? Just who is Loki and how does he fit into today's world? In Loki for You, these questions are finally answered.

Loki for You looks for the enigmatic God of Mischief through his place in the modern world. We go past the myths and legends to the places where Loki abides today. The reader is treated to an enjoyable set of articles and stories. It is informative, thought-provoking and fun! Rather than a dry academic scraping of the bottom of the barrel, Loki for You is as much fun to read as it is informative.

The articles are supplemented by an extensive look at the Runes according to Loki. You never thought the Runes could be this crazy! When Loki goes Runic, anything can happen!

Get to know the God who has mystified scholars for centuries. Now you can get keen insight into one of the most powerful Gods of the Norse tradition. It is all in this book!

Here are some of the chapters in this amazing book:

Loki the Fault Finder

Loki the Shape Shifter

Loki versus the Devil

Loki the Spy

Foe of Fools

Loki's Dark Side

Loki the Jester

And an in-depth look at Loki and the Runes!

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Biomagick: Where Body Meets Mind

This is a book for the mature student.  It covers the place where body, Mind and instinct come together. No punches are pulled, and no concessions are made to "political correctness."  Everything here is stated in plain, clear terms.  Biomagick describes the workings of instinct, the physical factor in magick and the relevance of sex to esoteric work.  For serious magicians, the book brings greater clarity to the physical - metaphysical juxtaposition in esoteric work.  Truly a brilliant addition to the literature of Magick


In Biomagick you will learn:

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Special Tradition Package

Four of our most popular titles son Old Norse tradition.  Insight into the inner meanings of Heathen belief

The Twisting Trail to Bifrost's Way is a study of the mindset, folklore, beliefs and ideals of traditional Norse Heathens. An excellent look at how lore, culture and customs combine to make a powerful way of life. By Thor & Audrey Sheil The Trollwise Press

The Old Norse Magickal Universe : Polarity and Cosmology is a look at the inner teachings behind the myths. Covers the structure of the uNiverse and of the mind, the Gods, and other aspects of Tradition.

Old Norse Mysteries, Deities and Worship is about the Gods and mythic themes. A brilliant look into the nature of Divinity and our relation to it. Thorough yet succinct.

Old Norse Ritual for Worship and Magick is a guide to the technique of ritual work. Gives working examples of Rites for various occasions, Gods, and seasonal worship. 

Bonus the booklet: The Old Norse Wizard: Tradition, Tools and Purpose

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