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The Road to Bifrost

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The Road to Bifrost

Our first work, The Road to Bifrost was compiled from our journals, note books and practical experience.  Our goal was to present information in such a way that a person could learn to be a fully-functioning practitioner of our system.  The Road to Bifrost includes the fruits of our magickal and mystical experiences going back decades.  We chose to include only those things that we knew would work.  There is very little in this book that could be called "speculative."  We also chose to explain our work in a way so that the average Pagan could understand the work, using his own previous experience.  We aimed it at the Pagan community, adapting a few small things so that the average pagan can grasp them easily.  At the time, we were unaware that the Heathen community existed outside of a few isolated groups.  In retrospect, it is just as well.  There is nothing about this book that we would change.

The Road to Bifrost serves all who seek, whether Heathens hoping to deepen their knowledge, or other Pagans wanting to learn our methods.  As we said in 1990, we seek to move forward.  We take Truth where we find it. 

The Road to Bifrost remains our biggest and best work

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Volume 1 Beginning of the Journey

Our first volume is intended to get you a foundation for all further study.  We believe that all success is a matter of mastering basic principles.  Our experience is that failure is caused by basic errors on the part of the individual.  If you work hard on the basic principles, you will meet with success.  Our work here uses the building blocks of esoteric study.  You get a thorough education in polarity and the Magickal Elements.  This is more than head knowledge.  Our work makes the practical and usable for you.  The only way to exce3l is to start at the beginning.

Here are a few things this book will teach you:

Vol I: Beginning of the Journey  $22.00  

Volume II Mind and the Magickal Universe

With the foundation principles well in hand, it is time to learn the inner working of magick.  Volume II presents them in brilliant clarity.  It explains the intimate relationship between Mind and magick.  You will learn about the psychology of Magick, the types of magickal force, and the principles guiding them all.  Within this teaching is a study of that force known as "Wyrd," and its role in your life.  You will also learn fundamentals of meditation, mental enhancement and the workings of your subconscious mind.  There will be precise information on the applications of imagery and of making tools for your magickal work.  This is a complete course in training an expert magician.  Based on actual experience, Volume II takes you to higher levels of magickal art.

Here are a few of the lessons that await you in Volume II of The Road to Bifrost:.

Vol II: Mind and the Magickal Universe  $22.00  

Volume III The Runes and Holy Signs

The Runes are the power symbols of Norse magick.  Holy signs are symbols of more specific magickal potencies.  Both are taught in this volume, in stunning clarity.  Lessons begin with a thorough discourse on each Rune.  You see its various shapes and its names among the different Futharks,  Each discourse explains the Rune in detail, describing it as power, how it works, and the results of its operation. You will learn both the operation and the essence,. and the places in the real world where each Rune is easily observed.  More important": you learn how each Rune related to you and your experience.  This is followed by an examination of other Norse and German symbolism" holy signs.  you will learn to use the fearsome Aegis Hjalm, the Wolf hook and other symbols to project magickal power.  Nothing else can match volume III when it comes to the Runes and Holy Signs.

Here are subjects awaiting you in this potent volume:

Vol III: Runes and Holy Signs  $22.00  

Volume IV The Bifrost Spellcaster

the practice of active magick gets full coverage in Volume IV.  Beginning with the basic equipment of the magician, it goes on to explain simple rites for esoteric work,.  These help train the magician.  The text then delves into the power packed energy of the Runes and its application to create change in your world.  You will learn nuances of Rune work and manifestation of Rune magick.  There are lessons on mental magick, spoken spells and a wide variety of magickal operations.  Drawn from the actual journals of the authors, Volume IV imparts a thorough knowledge of spellcasting technique and practical magickal work.  Instead of a mere compilation of spells, the focus is on methods that have worked time and again for the authors and their friends.  The flops and failures have been culled out, leaving only practical techniques waiting to work for you!

Here are some of the lessons and abilities that await you in Volume IV:

become a master spellcaster: order Volume IV today!

Vol IV: The Bifrost Spellcaster  $25

Volume V The Mysteries on Bifrost's Path

Behind the myths and legends are great mysteries.  Volume V uses the mythic content of Norse tradition to explain deep cosmic concepts.  You are introduced to the subtler realms of Life, where you will learn of the forces and principles which power the Universe.  Each chapter takes you closer to a deeper understanding of the greater mysteries, revealing ancient truths hidden in front of our very noses!  The symbolism in myth is unraveled to reveal truth with stunning clarity and simplicity.  There is also a discourse on the Divine forces, the Gods and Goddesses, and the potencies behind such mythic beings as trolls, jotuns and the monsters of myth.  Through this volume you will come to understand the Gods, the universe and the many operations of mystical laws in the world around you. A powerful key to obtaining wisdom!

Here are the mysteries revealed to you in Volume V

Vol V: The Mysteries On Bifrost's Path $25


Volume VI  In Bifrost's Gate

Here is where you learn to apply your understanding of the Mysteries.  Volume VI explains the work of the individual in developing his higher self.  It describes the Initiatic Mysteries by which you enter the road to attainment.  Next, Runic secrets are revealed so that you can actually use them to your advantage.  You learn to see the Runes from a perspective that makes them even more accessible.  Volume VI describes the ethics of the Norse tradition and the way to lead an exemplary life.  It also gives you the tools for further study on your own, from pathwalking to higher forms of Divination.  Those of other Traditions are shown how they can apply this wisdom to their own work, as well.  Volume VI is the stepping stone to your Inner World.

Here are some of the lessons covered in Volume VI

Vol VI: In Bifrost's Gate  $22

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