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New: Old Norse Futhark Rune Codes

Our latest work is the companion volume to Old Norse Rune Mysteries and Rune Codes.  It covers various Futhark ordering codes, most of which have never before been revealed.  These give unique insight into the Runes individually and collectively.  Many obscure meanings become clarified using the amazing Futhark codes in this monograph.  This is advanced material for the serious student of the Runes and their applications. 

The Futhark Secret




Old Norse Runecraft and Spellcraft

 Our first monograph explains the basics of Rune magick.  For the newcomer to Runes and Norse magick, it give a solid foundation in the principles and base methods.   You the reader, are introduced to the Runes, their magickal meanings and their applications. Next comes a lesson on Rune reading, followed by techniques of spellcraft and magick. Then follows intense lessons on myth and magick from folklore, where you learn to use esoteric knowledge to study the myths. Old Norse Runecraft and Spellcraft does more than open the door for you.  It gets you actually working with the Runes and Norse magick almost from the start

Here are some of the things you will learn in Old Norse Runecraft and Spellcraft:


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Old Norse Rune Mysteries and Rune Codes

Those who are interested in Rune will want to know more about them.  Old Norse Rune Mysteries and Rune Codes contains plenty of information.  It gives you the background on Runecraft and the perceptions of the Ancients who used it.  you actually learn to appreciate the Runes as they did.  Next, each Rune is covered individually in detail.  Each is given a complete discourse, as well as a list of its various names and shapes.  You get intimate knowledge of each Rune in turn.  then comes the idea of Rune codes, which uses the placement of Runes to show their relationships.  A set of Rune images also comes into play, showing you visual depictions related to each Rune.  By the time you are done reading Old Norse Rune Mysteries and Rune Codes, you will have deeper appreciation of each Rune and the knowledge to use it with greater effectiveness.

Here are some of the lessons included in this book:


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Advanced Old Norse Runecraft:

The application of the Runes can have intriguing ramifications.  The advanced Rune worker finds that he needs to know far more than basic interpretations.  For those who have the experience and skill, Advanced Old Norse Runecraft goes into new territory. You will learn the more delicate operations of Runecraft that require greater finesse and understanding.  This book brings you further into the works of magick by introducing the element of precision.  Likewise, you wilt also learn key techniques of self-development to enable you to have greater effectiveness with the Runes.  If you desire true expertise, Advanced Old Norse Runecraft builds on the [previous two volumes to give you a genuine appreciation that leads to advanced capability.

Here are some of the lessons awaiting you in Advanced Old Norse Runecraft:

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Runes of Mind: The Runes of Human Nature

When one understands how the Runes relate to Human behavior, he has a powerful tool!  The psychological implications within the Runes open the door to human behavior.  You can better understand the people you deal with every day.  Runes of Mind: The Runes of Human Nature is a complete discourse on esoteric psychology.  Each lesson has information that can make you a better Rune worker, a better magician and a more capable individual.

Here are some of the lessons included in this book:

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