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Troubleshooting Magickal Problems

A book intended to address the problems attendant to magickal work.  Troubleshooting Magickal Problems takers a no-nonsense approach to the things that can go wrong.  It avoids the "Halloween hype" instead delivering straight and simple methods for handling trouble.  Covers everything from small magickal errors to psychic attack.  Books by other authors on this subject have been rife with misconceptions and sensational stories.  Troubleshooting Magickal problems gives only proven methods, and it is pleasantly free of dramatic embellishment.

These are some of the lessons in this rare and wonderful text:

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Magickal Problems: the Human Factor

The human factor weighs heavily as a cause of magickal mishap.  Poor training, misguided intentions and a penchant for vice are known harbingers of troubles for the esoteric practitioner. This book looks these difficulties in the eye.  It identifies them, explains the factors behind the problems they cause, and offers a variety of proven remedies.  The magickal teacher and serious student will find this insight invaluable for assuring a safe and successful magickal career. Everything is explained in clear terms. 


Here's what this book can teach you:

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Popular Spellcraft Problems and Solutions

The growing popularity of magick and spellcraft via the New Age has engendered its own set of problems.  With a generation of self-styled magi using a variety of pop techniques, trouble is bound to follow.  This book looks at the various problems and their origins.  It offers clear solutions which can be implemented easily.  Magickal teachers and leaders can especially benefit from this information. An excellent text for those who want to nip problems in the bud. 


These are some of the topics covered:

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Biomagick: Where Body Meets Mind

This is a book for the mature student.  It covers the place where body, Mind and instinct come together. No punches are pulled, and no concessions are made to "political correctness."  Everything here is stated in plain, clear terms.  Biomagick describes the workings of instinct, the physical factor in magick and the relevance of sex to esoteric work.  For serious magicians, the book brings greater clarity to the physical - metaphysical juxtaposition in esoteric work.  Truly a brilliant addition to the literature of Magick


In Biomagick you will learn:

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