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Old Norse Spells and Enchantments

This little book is packed with facts. It is like having a collection of mini-courses in operative spellcraft.  It is all here, from basic spells to more advanced work.  Using proven methods and spells that have been use to good effect, old Norse Spells and Enchantments puts the power in your hand.  It gets you working right away.

Here are some of the things you will learn in Old Norse Spells and Enchantments:

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Old Norse Charms, Spoken Spells and Rhymes

This is the one book that you need to use Norse spoken spellcraft.  Within its pages are spells for every occasion.  Even better, there is solid instruction in the principle of spoken spellcraft and how to adapt spells to specific situations.  And better yet, we have taken a slew of old spoken charms and restored them.  Using a secret key, we have correctly re-Paganized classic charms that had been Christianized during the Middle Ages.  The result is a complete course in spoken spellcraft and a complete collection of genuine Norse heathen spells.


Here are a few things you can learn from this book:

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Spellcraft by Candlemagick

A spellbook?  This is actually a complete course in magick!  Spellcraft by Candlemagick explains the use of many magickal techniques as well as candles.  You will learn the principles underlying magick, the powers and potencies that move spells, and the reason candle spells work.  This course is designed for people of all traditions: Norse, Wiccan, neoPagan, etc. Spellcraft by candlemagick has information that will make your candle spells a masterpiece.  It will also improve all of your other magick. 

Here are some of the things you will learn:

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The Wizard's Cupboard

While compiling a list of things we used as magickal ingredients, we were asked if we could offer our knowledge to others.  That little exercise grew into The Wizard's Cupboard, a catalogue of ingredients and formulas that also teaches you how to make your own.  It covers everything from metals and stones for talismans to herbs and florals for incenses.  Even better, we use materials that are commonly available in nature and the local supermarket.  No need to go to high prices specialty stores or occult shops because our formulas and truly "home grown."  Written to appeal to people of many traditions, from Norse to Wiccan to Hermetics.

Here are some of the subjects you will learn:

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Old Norse Runecraft and Spellcraft

 Our first monograph explains the basics of Rune magick.  For the newcomer to Runes and Norse magick, it give a solid foundation in the principles and base methods.   You the reader, are introduced to the Runes, their magickal meanings and their applications. Next comes a lesson on Rune reading, followed by techniques of spellcraft and magick. Then follows intense lessons on myth and magick from folklore, where you learn to use esoteric knowledge to study the myths. Old Norse Runecraft and Spellcraft does more than open the door for you.  It gets you actually working with the Runes and Norse magick almost from the start

Here are some of the things you will learn in Old Norse Runecraft and Spellcraft:


Get a good start in Rune work by learning and doing.  Old Norse Runecraft and Spellcraft puts it in your hands!

$12.00 with free shipping in the USA 


The Master Spellcraft Series


Vol I: Spellcrafting Power: Fundamentals and Foundation Principles: a complete course in the basics of effective spellcraft.  This volume explains the mechanics and dynamics behind the deliberate use of magickal power.  A person who seriously studies this volume will have the magickal ability to make his spells work effectively. 

Vol II: Advanced Spoken Spellcraft: here is spellcraft for the serious magician!  This volume covers the spoken magick of several traditions, from traditional European folk spells to modern Metaphysics and Ceremonial Magickal incantations.  Even better, it shows you how to make all of them work for you.  The reader of Advanced Spoken Spellcraft will have the opportunity to develop a veritable battery of methods and make them work for him.

Vol III: Spellcraft of the Elements and Figure Spells: This book is like gettting five lessons in one.  First is a study of the various spell techniques attendant to the Four Elements.  It gives an in-depth survey of spells for Fire, Water, Earth and Air.  Specific techniques are explained for each Element.  The end result is solid knowledge of the techniques and the operating principles behind them. Adding to the work is a study of using figures.  The text explains the use of everything from figurines to chess pieces as tools of magick.  It offers magicians an intriguing kind of spellcraft wit ha peculiar mechanics all its own 

Vol IV: Knot Spells, Herbcraft, Magickal Devices and Nature Spells: this is a course in traditional household magick.  It begins with a study of spells that employ knots and cords.  Then is continues to the magick of plants in charms and spells.  Magickal devices are a unique assortment of contrivances for directing power for special purposes.  The nature spells use a variety of common elements as tools of magick. This goes far beyond common folk magick.  It provides the magician with an array of unusual and effective techniques. 

Vol V: Talismans and Magickal Symbolism: the use of talismans is common to many magickal traditions.  This course explains the technologies, the use of graphic images and the peculiarities of talismanic magick.  It covers traditions ranging from Norse Rune charms to the Seals of Ceremonial Magick. A fascinating study of the uses of imagery in spellcraft.  As with the other volumes, this is an advanced class that goes far beyond basic spellcraft.


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