Crystals, Candles, Incense, Herbs and Metals

A concise guide to magickal attributes

This article Copyright 1992 by T. Sheil and A. Sheil  All Rights Reserved


The powers of crystals were attributed to them by ancient esotericists and magicians. This can easily be misunderstood as a claim that the minerals do have special energies. Actually, the magicians found that certain stones and metals were harmonious with certain categories of magickal force. The best example is Astrological. Astrologers place different attributes under the headings of the various planets and Zodiacal signs. Astrological symbolism serves as a means of categorizing the nature of things based on their appearance and inherent capacities.

Technically, these are tables of correspondences.

Certain materials were found to be good vehicles for containing magickal force. Quartz is one such mineral. Consider that quartz crystals were used in radios and the manufacture of watches and similar devices. They transform radio waves. Certain crystals worked with particular types of magickal force better than others. Minerals have an inherent tendency which makes them harmonious with some energies, and discordant with others. For example, copper is a superb conductor of electricity, while lead is not. Lead provides an impassable barrier to radioactivity, yet itself is more vulnerable to heat than copper. Forces yet undiscovered by conventional science can also be affected by minerals.

Magicians routinely use minerals in magickal work, especially in preparing talismans. Each stone and metal is particularly harmonious to a certaincategory of energy. Mainstream magicians categorize energies according to Astrological symbols. Thus, copper and emeralds are found to harmonize with the forces symbolized by Venus. Amethyst and tin correspond well with energies called Jupiterian. The energies placed under the categories of Mars work well in conjunction with Iron, bloodstone and jasper.

Each stone and metal embodies tendencies which correspond to unseen forces and energies.

Crystals often serve as an object which links the bearer with the unseen force. It takes more than just wearing a stone to contact this force. The person must consciously focus his will to making the link. Much of the work will be within his own mind and emotions. Magickal force most closely equates with feelings, rather than intellectual ideas. The crystal serves mainly as a link and reservoir of such energies. Tapping the power is dependent on individual effort.

Crystals have their uses, but are not everything that some promoters claim. They are not the ultimate answer to all of humanity's needs, and will not replace individual efforts to improve the person's life. Crystals can be a lot of fun. They will not solve all your problems or magickally make you rich, successful and loved. Common sense is the best guide to their use.

Other things also have their special attributions. For instance, candle colors are believed to have a special significance. So does incense, scents, metals and herbs.  This guide lists some of the more common items and their special significance.  It can help you select those magickal things you need.

Candle Colors


Common Incenses and Oils






Common Stones



Common Herbs

Copyright 1992 by T. Sheil and A. Sheil  All Rights Reserved


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