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I am enthsiastic about good miltairy miniatures. Be they plastic or metal or composition, well-done miniatures are a pleasure.  It is grand to have a figure that is realistic, with all the details and correct colors.  On the other hand, it is sad when sculptors make errors in psoes.  That is a chronic problem. Dismay erupots when they get al lthe detaisl and colors correct, but place the figures in wrong poses.  How many tiems have we seen men incorrectly poses for marching, for instance,.  And how many times have we seen figures holding rifles i nthe most ridiculous ways.  Don't these sculptors check their facts?  Sad to say, some do not even know that facts need checking!

To that end, I have been happily compiling a book to show hwo soldiers really work.  It will cover history from the Middle Ages to the present, and use primary sources as references.  There will be techniques of fighting, drilling, shooting and moving.  I continue to accumulate old materials as work progresses. 

Of course, the finished product will take time.  It will be extensive.  For the present, I am posting a few bits of the work here for the use of military miniature collectors.  These are taken from primary soruces.  They illustrate the real poses, so that you might be able to replicate them accurately in miniature.

Click these links:

Drill and Marching


Hand to Hand Combat

Military Sword and Saber

Rifle Shooting

Pistol Shooting

Light Automatic Weapons


Field Gear

Military Techniques

Movement in Combat

Medieval Combat

Infantry Activities

Cavalry and Other Mounted Troops, 1600 - 1999

17th Century Musket Drill

17th Century Pike Drill

Military Fencing

For Sculptors and Designers of Military Miniatures

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Can you help?

To help make this book better, I am looking for old combat manuals (reprints, digital copies or originals), from the Middle Ages to the present.  I am lalso ooking for military resources describing Bayonet techniques, unarmed combat and basic miltiary skills.  At this time, I am interested in items from the 19 Century and earlier.  If you can help. pleaee contact us at the email address listed below.

Thank you

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