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Spring 2007

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Milihistirot Quarterly has been temporarily suspended due to problems with our laser printer.  Therefore, we are taking the work to our website.  Milihistirot Online will fill the space as we try to acquire a new duplexing laser printer.  That might take a while.  So please enjoy this smaller online version.

March - April - May 2007

M3 Lee Medium Tank in Color

Uniforms in Color: More WW2 US Army, and More French 1853

Conversion Project: Soviet Soldier 1943 - 1945

Unarmed Combat for Military Police in World War II

Naval Cutlass - 1898 to 1910

What makes an Era Popular for collectors?

Afrika Korp Vehicles and Men in Color



Russo Japanese War Series 2: Russian troops

Click here for Part 1

Click here for Part 2

Click here for Part 3



January 2007

Revolutionary War Uniforms: Close Up

US Navy Uniforms 1898

Life Imitates Toys: German U.S. Half Track

More Berlin Grays and Spies

Wargamer's Corner: TankPlank Add Ons

US Troops in Siberia 1918

Deep Sea Divers


Russo-Japanese War, Series I: Japanese Troops:

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Click here for Part 2

Click here for Part 3



Autumn 2006

December (Part I)

(Part 2 will be posted by December 15)

U.S. Navy Sailors in Vera Cruz, 1914

Self-Propelled Guns

Introducing the Homecasting Section

Wargames to Download: TankPlank, "Flamethrower Island" scenario for Spy Agent Shambattle

Anti-Tank Guns on Non-Armored Missions

Uniforms: a New Section!

Part 2

Italians in Libya, 1911 - 1940

Boxer Rebellion Photos

Japanese Military Hospital, 1905

German Tanks, World War I






Aggressor Vehicles

Camouflaging Vehicles

Metal Casting Notes

Afrika Korps: more on the Mixed Bag

Gulf War Uniforms 1991, Part 1

Gulf War Uniforms, Part 2

Gulf War British Uniforms 1991, Part 1

Gulf War British Uniforms Part 2

From the Bard Files: Wargames

Ace of Clubs: the Mace

World War II U.S. Army Uniforms in Color

OSS Operational Groups

Toy Soldier Toolkit and The Other Hobby

Color Your Troops

Spy Agent Shambattle: play this wargame!

(Get a PDF copy of the game!)

A Challenge for Readers







The Jedburghs

Enemies of Convenience: Berlin Grays

Soldiers of Never-Never Land (From the 1964 issue of Milihistriot)

Real Spies

Making the Armies of Spy Movie Villains

Illustrations of Spy Troops

Illustrations of Spy Troops Part 2

Non-Uniformity of the Afrika Korps

Plastic's Bum Rap

Toy Soldier Toolkit and The Other Hobby

Ninja Musings


Resources for Military Miniatures


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