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Summer 2010 Issue

Twelve Years Later...

We are back after a long hiatus. The time is right for Uncle Thorrís Magazine to make a return. Our outspoken journal of Modern Heathenism has become necessary again. Of course, we are inspired to return because of new situations that need attention. Nonetheless, we are back.

            As we did in the past, we answer to no one. We call them as we see them. This is NOT a place for weenies, wimps, whiners, soft-skinned crybabies or mumble-mouthed fence-sitters. Uncle Thorís Magazine (Online) is a place for folks who take a stand, can handle the good and the bad, and believe that life is for living. Our articles are aimed at Heathens, Wiccans and other Pagans. These are the folks we consider our people. We make no apologies for our beliefs, and feel no need to justify them to anyone.  

            If you like your Heathenism and Paganism to have all the impact of a 155mm howitzer, here it is. If you like to think, decide and discuss things intelligently, you are in the right place. And if you take things with a grain of salt, have a bit of doubt and have your skeptical moments, welcome aboard. Uncle Thorís Magazine (Online) is for folks who question things rather than accept everything that is shoveled their way.

            Be warned, this is not your usual Heathen / Pagan rag. This is Practical Heathenism, and the focus is on issues in the real world. You can read theology in my books (please ,buy lots of them!) The magazine is a place to read about things that matter today, when you walk out that door each morning to live in the world.

            Welcome aboard! This train is about the leave the station, so be ready for the ride!

Summer 2010 Issue


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Yule and Winter 2008

Part 1

(Part 2 articles will be posted in a few days)


Heathens, Santa and Jingle Bells: How do we deal with the secular side of Christmas?

The Black Books of Elverum: Not So Heathen

Language Barrier, Words can Clarify or Confuse

Pakistan's Tribal Area and Afghanistan: We have seen this before !

Runic Thoughts on Learning the Runes

Charity: A Heathen Perspective



Autumn 2008


Articles on the Economy

Arab Nationalism - the Non Jihad 

Self-Reliance at Home

False Face

An Idea toward Cohesion

Thicken Your Skin - Dealing with People with Disorders

Warriors: The Hard Facts

Musings on Magick

Magickal Survival: Practical Advice for Handling Disaster

Presenting our Beliefs to Others

The Madness Begins: Heathens, Yule and the Christmas Shopping Mania

Forgiveness: A Heathen Perspective

A Personal Art


Summer Beginning 2008 Articles

Getting a Pass

King Kong Jotuns

Folktales that Teach: Horatio at the Bridge

Riding Out the Naud

Willpower versus want Power

Odd Bosses, Good Lessons

Recipe Runewerk

Where is the Leadership?

Traditions within Heathenism: Der Urglaawe

Work with your Magick

Ratatosk's Nest (news and not quite an editorial)


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First Thaw 2008 articles:

Mental Myopia

Heathen Cohesion

Folktales that Teach: Rumplestiltskin

Lore or Life

Afraid of Loki: Heathen Chickenhearts

Are We That Good, or are They That Bad?

Heavy Metal

Magpie and Ravens : A Unique Form of Card Divination

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty: Breaking from Welfare

Releasing the Mind's Bonds



The Yule 2007 articles:

 The Tricky Plague Troll

Adoption: A Different Angle

Mercantilism: Greed or Prosperity

The Bifrost Monographs - A Retrospective

Folktales That Teach: Mother Holle

The Gods or Science Fiction

Loki the Fault Finder



The Autumn 2007 issue's articles:

Jihad: We Have Seen This Before!

The Cure for Loneliness

Society Flinched


Heritage and European Paganism

Folktales that Teach: Three Billy Goats Gruff

Bad News

Crew Changes

Tyr and Spear

The Family Season

Prepare for a Genuine Yule


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